Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salad for dinner...

The other night Aubrey Rose helped me make a quick and easy Oriental Chicken Salad for dinner. She helped pour all the ingredients in and then I asked her, "Do you want to eat some?" She said yes. I said "Alright, let's sit down for dinner." Blake asked me what we were going to serve her and I said "Oriental Chicken Salad." And so we did. Here is a little play by play of how that went with an almost two year old eating salad for dinner.

Dinner is served...Oriental Chicken Salad
You want me to eat this?????? (Please notice how much salad is in her bowl.)

First bite...

Are you doubting me????

Sometimes you just HAVE to ditch the fork!!!

Thumbs up baby!

End result...okay, a little messy, but not much left!!


Why did you doubt me??? I LOVE salad!!!

I can't believe you doubted me!!!! HA!!!


The Garud's said...

I have not seen abrey in person for a while. She is become such a beautiful young lady. Love you