Friday, January 8, 2010

Girl Time...

On Tuesday, my mom, sister, Aubrey Rose and myself took a little drive to Gilroy. Our goal was to exchange a Christmas gift, however you can't just drive all the way to the outlets (2 1/2 hours or so) and not make a day out of it! That would just be wrong! So, we did. We made a wonderful day out of it. Aubrey Rose was a trooper. We all had a great time.
I definitely should have taken a group shot of us girls, but at least I have these pictures of Aubrey Rose and Auntie Christy being so cute together.

It all started as a cute picture together, when...
Aubrey Rose thought it would be so fun to mess up Auntie Christy's hair...
And then clap and cheer for her beautiful work! HA!
One thing Aubrey Rose could work at FOREVER with in the stores, is playing with the jewelry. The entertaining thing to me, is I think she understands you NEED to be gentle. I very rarely have to assist her or remind her. She loves to take one piece off the hook and then put it back on. Go to the next one and do the same. Sometimes she tries them on, just like any of us would do if we were shoppping. The best is when there is music in the store. She does all of this, while dancing. Here she is trying on the sunglasses.

Can't wait for our next girl time!!