Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun at the Snow!

Saturday we drove up to the snow to get in some more skiing time. We went with the Patricio's and had a blast. Love those guys!!! This time we brought Aubrey Rose. Her and I hung out in the lodge while daddy and our friends skied. Her and I had the best time together. It was so fun to have just one on one time with her, with no distractions of my own at home. We colored, played with playdoh, worked on using scissors and glue, danced to the music and whatever else we wanted to do. It really was a fun time for us.
The best time of the day though was play time with everyone during the breaks of skiing.
At lunch time, Steve and Nikki (Garrett and Blake's parents) brought Taylor and Peyton to have some fun too. We should have gotten a picture of all three girls, but this one of Aubrey Rose and Taylor is so fun. They loved the sledding!
Daddy went down with Aubrey Rose too!
We ran into Luke and Becca (my cousins) too while we were there! They are getting married on our anniversary (March 27) and they asked Aubrey Rose to be a flower girl!!! Yeah!!
Our family of three at the snow.